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NCBA (formerly NARCA)

The National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) is a bar association dedicated to serving law firms engaged in the practice of creditors rights law.

Originally founded in 1993 as the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA), our membership grew and we quickly became the premiere association for the creditors rights attorney.  In 2015, we recognized that the changes in our economy and in our member firms’ practice areas, meant that our association needed to change too.  We broadened our membership base to include firms practicing in foreclosure, bankruptcy, student loans, replevin, to name a few, and we expanded our educational offerings and networking opportunities. Currently, our membership is comprised of over 550 law firms and individual members, totaling approximately 2000 attorneys, in the areas of creditors rights law, defense and in-house counsel. Members practice in over 20 different practice areas in the 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.K.  Our attorney members are committed to being professional, responsible and ethical in their practice and profession. For more information about NCBA, goto: www.creditorsbar.org

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The Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) is the leader in providing expertise, insight and results to and for attorneys, credit grantors and their partners in the credit and business communities.

Since 1895, the CLLA has brought experienced attorneys together with collection agencies, credit grantors, lending institutions and other commercial credit, bankruptcy and finance industry members, providing new business opportunities through networking, education, legislative advocacy and highly effective specialized legal services.The Commercial Law League of America certifies commercial collection agencies who continue to meet the rigorous certification requirements of the CLLA. For more information about CLLA, goto: www.clla.org

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Creditors and debt collection attorneys have been served by The National List of Attorneys (NL) since 1900.

NL assists companies in finding quality legal representation for their collection, subrogation and bankruptcy matters; provide professional service; and protect the interests of our clients. Through the years, our members and clients have benefited from significant advances in referrals and communication pioneered by The National List. With more than 2000 Attorney Member listings worldwide, The National List refers hundreds of billions of dollars in debt collection each year. For more information about NL, goto: www.nationallist.com

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The International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc. (IACC) is an international trade association comprised of more than 240 collection specialists and 160 commercial attorneys.

With members throughout the U.S. and in 20 international countries, IACC is the largest organization of commercial collection specialists in the world. To join IACC, applicant agencies must meet a rigorous set of membership standards. The agency must be well established with experienced owners and principals. Applicants must carry a minimum of a $10,000 statutory or blanket client bond and must maintain a separate trust account for all client money. Before granting membership, IACC checks client references to verify that an agency’s professionalism and character are aligned with the IACC code of professional ethics. Once membership in IACC is granted, agencies are expected to maintain a high level of professional standards and to continually strive for even greater excellence in their business operation. For more information about IACC, goto: www.commercialcollector.com

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The American Lawyers Quarterly is a directory of law firms which specialize in collections, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy.

The ALQ directory has been the definitive source for attorney representation in the collection industry since 1899 (over 115 years). Collections are generally handled by our listed counsel on a contingent fee basis. There are law firm referrals for all cities, county seats, and sizable towns in the United States, Canada, and most commercial centers throughout the world. American Lawyers Company standards have been maintained in accord with all published American Bar Association Rules and Standards for law lists. For more information about ALQ, goto:  www.alqlist.com