We have represented some of the largest medical providers in our region for many years. Medical providers occupy a unique position in the community in which they operate and often require a different approach in representation.

Asset Recovery & Replevin

Often times, a client will have collateral attached to a defaulted account, or they may have a Judgment in place and need to seize assets from the debtor. Our Firm routinely utilizes the legal system to gain possession of assets

Workers Compensation Premium Collection

Our Firm developed a niche many years ago by developing a great deal of experience in the legal recovery of unpaid workers compensation insurance premiums. We have litigated all over the state of Florida on premium recovery

Consumer Collections

We entered the consumer collections industry back in the late 1970’s and continue to be an active participant. With roughly 50% of our caseload involving consumer based accounts from some

Commercial Collections

Our Firm counts some of the top commercial creditors as clients, and for good reason. We have represented commercial creditors for almost 30 years on issues involving advertising, insurance premiums (including workers compensation premiums),